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      Manufacturing Proccess

General Manufacturing Processes of Healthcare Instruments

We are pleased to share with our valuable customers, the general manufacturing processes of healthcare instruments that they undergo to have final shape or finished form. We have professional approach in throughout instrument’ manufacturing processes.

1) Raw stainless steel is cut to rough- sized blanks. The blanks are heated and hammer forged into forgings, the forgings are trimmed to remove the excess material then they are machine-filed to the size and shape of the final instrument.

2) The forgings are forwarded to the following processing to be performed to convert into finished instruments:

3) The inside and outside edges of the forgings undergo milling, grinding and filing operations and the holes for pins or screws are drilled and set;

4) The forgings undergo heat treatment; including tempering than they are acid bathed which removes residual debris and oil stains from the surface of the forgings;

5) The Forgings are assembled and the initial setting is completed, further instruments undergo for grinding operations with abrasive belts.

6) The instruments undergo electroplating and are partial polished and brushed

7) The instruments undergo for final setting and adjustment operations than they are placed into a passivation bath solution and ultrasonically cleaned to remove all remaining deposits and polished.

8) Finally, the instruments are checked and inspected than each instrument is to be marked & packed in accordance to company discretion or in accordance to customer requirement

In Medicure Instruments, instruments are processed by our professional, experienced & skilled workforce by utilizing advanced production techniques, technology & equipments; furthermore Medicure quality assurance system closely monitors instruments’ quality at each manufacturing phase till final product to packaging.

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